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LFSI exactly did that chalking up a parade of enviable achievements. From a rented office at Megaplaza in 2003, it entered into partnership with Derm Collection Corporation in 2004 for its personal and cosmetics line.

Then came the acquisition of office in 2005 coupled with TV appearances and guestings in popular TV shows. In 2006, it established ACAISI a calibration and instrumentation sister company with ISO 17025 rating while 2007 saw the branching out of its market to Visayas and Mindanao.

From 2008-2010 it completed the obtainment of the five storey IHC building as LFSI headquarters residential and training center. By 2014 it formally opened its new head office in Ortigas followed by the opening of a branch in Cagayan de Oro as well as the launching of a new product Procare.


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